Tobias Theel

“Say yes to new adventures! Nothing gets you further than giving yourself new experiences in an adventure and implementing new challenges – whether in your personal or professional life.”

  • Career drop-out and independent family entrepreneur
  • Graduate engineer, half business economist, management trainee, former executive assistant to an airlines CEO, idea generator with Lufthansa
  • Childishly curious adventurer, who likes to try new and unknown things simply
  • Self-taught from digital to painting
  • Open-minded – self-actualized – curious

“Say yes to new adventures! Nothing gets you further than giving yourself new experiences in an adventure and implementing new challenges – whether in your personal or professional life.”

After almost 40 years of life, I have lived through and survived quite a few personal adventures. With “Adventure Insights” I share my experiences and my collected insights. Because adventures are part of life and sometimes they lead downhill for a while. But you usually don’t learn much about this, because the external image of other people is often beautifully polished and outshines many a scratch in the paint.

It is always right to take responsibility for oneself, to stand by oneself and to go forward with oneself – as best as it is possible at the time. To make this more successful, I supported people who are on the verge of a new adventure and need a suitable approach and a mentor.

Career ladder

After my A-levels, a scholarship for highly gifted students, double studies and studies abroad, I started my professional career as a management trainee at Lufthansa. As an executive assistnat to a CEO, I got to know management from a rather unique perspective. And as the leader of an international team on process organization, I was able to participate in one of the largest change projects, which was to put the company on a new footing in many respects. At that time, I wrote my first resignation. Why?

First lap of honor

The career was going wonderfully after all. Every few years a new job, after promotion better paid, more responsibility and even more and more employees I should lead. Yet somehow it did not fit.

At the beginning, my head was in the clouds: I got less than I had been promised at the interview. How impertinent – but next time they will surely honor my consideration for the company’s interests. A new attempt for the continuation of the career would be the department management, which was offered to me after the dismissal. It’s worth staying on for that, isn’t it? Or is it?

The night before the psychological selection exam, something again got in the way of my thoughtful and well-planned path. I could not sleep. Throughout the night, I lay awake with my head, body, and heart signaling that continuing to choose a steep career climb was not the right solution. So, without further ado, I canceled my participation in the selection process and submitted my resignation for the second time.

Second lap of honor

What would be funnier than if there wasn’t another chapter in this story, because another job offer followed in the same corporation, which I accepted. This time it was off to Berlin to the newly founded Innovation Lab. All highly ambitious people who were to settle into the startup world and bring success to the Group in this environment. Crazy! What an opportunity! And this time it worked out: my third termination was successful and the adventures of the Group and my career were over.

From the outside to the inside

From then on I started my next adventures: family and business, because I became self-employed, got married and we had our first daughter. Now I enjoy the freedom to try out and realize what I feel like inside. In retrospect, my career exit seems more and more logical and inevitable. But it didn’t feel that way at the time.

I initially nudged in the right direction with a test that promised to help me discover my strengths. This gave me a completely new perspective on my potential. From then on, I collected tools and methods that enabled me more and more to take the step towards an actively self-designed life – with significantly fewer restrictions than in the first career chapter.

I have been able to share this experience with other people in small circles over the last few years and support them in taking a few steps further towards themselves.

With “Adventure Insights” I want to make this empowering and inspiring experience accessible and possible for more people. Because only with more “you” will you be able to actively tackle and master your very own adventures.

Welcome to “Adventure Insights”!

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