Prepare your own business next to your old job

So that your work simply suits you

Your own boss - despite your boss!

With Tobias' 3-Step-Method and his Adventure Insights you lay the foundation for your own business
Step 1

Use what you are particularly good at

You can do something especially well, because you have very individual strengths! This is not about a special skill that you have learned or that comes particularly easily to you. It’s about your personality.

  • I show you how to discover your personal strengths.
  • You will learn how to use your strengths immediately and effectively to successfully approach your own business.
  • You discover that your strengths will better carry you over defeats and have already carried you over them.
  • Together we develop your vision for your new job, which you can realize playfully with your strengths.
  • You will gain more confidence in your power to carry out your undertaking – no matter how adventurous it is for you.
Step 2

Create space for your adventure

When you are employed you have many obligations. And maybe you have a family, hobbies or something else that takes up your time. And still you have time to bring your own business idea into the world!

  • Discover the many possibilities that give you more freedom to implement your idea step by step.
  • You will learn how to develop a plan that will give you permanent support and confidence to stick to your business idea.
  • Together we develop a suitable framework for you, with which you can work on your idea every month, every week and every day.
  • You will train how to make your adventure a habit that will be fun and easy to do.
  • You will noticeably expand your scope of action and develop it more and more.
Step 3

Focus on the important things

A lot happens in a normal workday and there are many ways to distract yourself. The less a job suits you, the more you wish to get rid of it. That’s good for you! Because there is something you would like to occupy yourself with much more.

  • You’ll learn how to keep the focus on your new business venture.
  • You train to continuously work on the implementation of your new business.
  • You will learn how to constantly improve your approach and make it more effective in order to become more successful step by step.
  • Together we will find out what makes you look even more strongly and consistently at your real focus, so that you can find happiness with your self-designed business.
  • You will also be able to master many other adventures that you will encounter in the future with your individually developed approach.

What others say about working with me and Adventure Insights

"Tobias has an exceptionally competent and approachable way of guiding. He quickly establishes a trusting relationship and gives very clear constructive feedback. I highly recommend the collaboration."

K. Zweigmüller
Key Account Managerin

"I didn't think I could take the first steps so quickly and so easily, even though I work a full-time job."

A. Wiedmüller

"I like Tobias' open and clear language. He knows what he is talking about! He answered my questions in a way that allowed me to find solutions that fit me."

D. Meisel

"A trainer or coach has to be accessible to me - and that's exactly what I got at Adventure Insights. The personal coaching especially helped me rebuild my own training business from the ground up. Not only was I able to clarify my questions and uncertainties during the conversation. Even if I wanted to know something or had to ask something in between, Tobias was good and quick to reach via chat or messages. Super personal and individual attention!"

R. Stollberg

"Tobias found the right questions to my answers. This made it easy for me to find my right next step even easier. What I remember most is the respectful handling of my thoughts and fears. Super support for my adventure!"

M. Koch

"I have the impression that Tobias brings a good mix of knowledge transfer and individual problem solving - in a very human and likeable way. This creates a good atmosphere in our collaboration: good, positive and down-to-earth."

S. Henning

This is what awaits you in our 3-month collaboration with Adventure Insights and Tobias:


New alignment

We will talk about your adventurous project in a personal strategy meeting.

  • What do you want to achieve specifically?
  • What steps are necessary for this?
  • How do we shape our collaboration?


You will set up your adventure in 3 steps. This will allow you to embark on a new path that will lead you step by step to your new goal – with an online course and personal coaching!

  • Discover your strengths that you can always rely on!
  • Create free spaces that give you the room to realize your project!
  • Set up a system that allows you to move forward and focus on your adventure!


With the analyses and your determinations from the individual coaching you start with your own business! And it will work out quite easily, besides your current job. Because you have set everything up for you to succeed in your plan.

  • Start your project within the 3 months with very concrete steps – with personal coaching support by Tobias.
  • Be an active member of the independent Adventure Insights community and get support and feedback from other adventurers.
  • Become a bit more independent and do exactly what suits you!

Now is the right time for your free initial consultation

After our cooperation you can expand your started business and be free to

You have proven your extreme courage

You know what you're good at, and with these strengths, you can meet any challenge better than before!

You love what you do now - despite your job

You have put into practice something impossible, which was a matter of the heart for you!

You have blocked and used time for yourself

With your individual system you can use more free time for yourself the way you want!

You have started your own business

Even though you're working in a steady job, you've simply started something of your own on the side that you can pull up!

Is Tobias' 3-step method for you?

For this it fits

  • Your intention: Start your own business parallel to your existing job
  • This project seems adventurous to you or to others
  • You don’t know what specifically to do next to make it happen
  • You do not know when to implement your plan at all
  • You are ready to develop a system for more time and effectiveness for yourself personally and to apply it daily

Poor chances

  • You want to leave your (work) everyday life as it is
  • You want to have your own startup after 3 months with revenues as high as your current salary
  • You currently have a lot of time on your hands and are bored

Then there are other ways that will lead you to your goals.

Every path begins with the first step.

Also your adventure with Adventure Insights.

Tobias Theel

I accompany you through your adventure

I am Tobias Theel, graduate engineer, career dropout. Professionally, I was an innovation manager, an executive assistant to an airline CEO, a management trainee and the head of an international process management team at Lufthansa. In 2016, I founded the Innoversity Institute in Berlin and on the web, making teams more innovative.

With my mentoring at Adventure Insights, I share with you my experiences and insights that I have gathered and experienced in my career. With this I support you on the leap to your new entrepreneurial adventure. You will get the right procedure from me and me as your personal mentor.

Start your adventure with Adventure Insights!

Take your chance and let a professional adventurer accompany you.

So that from now on you do what really suits you!